Sanders Tells VT Lawmakers More Early Ed Needed

Feb 19, 2014

Credit Max Edelstahl/Fotopedia

Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders says more needs to be done to educate children at early ages and find ways to encourage them to think about going to college long before high school.

Sanders, an independent, is a member of the Senate Education Committee. He appeared at the Vermont Statehouse Wednesday, where he met with members of the state Senate and House education committees.

During his 45-minute appearance, Sanders said many of the state's schools are wonderful. But he says poverty is holding many children back.

He says that about 30 percent of U.S. high school students drop out before graduating and of the graduates, not enough go on to college.

Sanders says in the 21st century a quality education is critical to success and the U.S. is falling behind.

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