Saratoga Gun Show Will Go On

Jan 3, 2013

Credit Flickr

Last night, the Saratoga Springs city council passed a non-binding resolution urging exhibitors at an upcoming gun show to refrain from selling weapons similar to those used in the Newtown shootings. 

Susan Steer is a local nurse who brought the issue to a hotpoint following the Sandy Hook massacre.   Steer called the City Center and was told there was no plan to cancel the gun show. She began an online petition, which racked up hundreds of local signatures and comments in favor of calling off the event.

Former Firearms dealer and collector John Tighe writes a blog critical of Saratoga Springs city government - he points out previous gun shows have been held without incident. Tighe would like to see lawmakers on local, state and national levels refocus their efforts when it comes to guns. He notes that unregulated person-to-person gun sales are rampant throughout the state: he says they are transacted through pennysaver-type newspapers and other classified ad print publications. City Public Safety Commissioner Christian Mathiesen agrees that rules need tightening.

Joanne Yepsen is the Saratoga County Supervisor for Saratoga Springs - this morning she brokered a compromise agreement with the gun show promoter allowing the event to be held as scheduled - The promoter has agreed to contact all vendors to make sure they comply.