Scholars Believe They Have Second Known Photo Of Emily Dickinson

Sep 7, 2012

Scholars at Amherst College believe a local collector may have obtained what would be just the second known photo of reclusive poet Emily Dickinson. WAMC’s Paul Tuthill reports.

The college says a collector who wishes to remain anonymous bought the photo in 1995 in Springfield and brought it to the college in 2007. They say they've been researching it since. It was shown publicly last month.

The photo from 1859 appears to show Dickinson sitting next a friend.

The college says they have good evidence it's Dickinson, including a detailed comparison of the eyes of the woman in the photo with a known photo of Dickinson from 1847. It hasn't been definitively confirmed.

The college says if it is Dickinson, it shows the Amherst native as a mature woman with a striking presence.

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