Schumer: Proceed With Caution In Syria

Jun 17, 2013

Credit WAMC Photo

Days after the United States committed to increasing its involvement in Syria’s brutal civil war, New York’s senior U.S. Senator says America must be careful in its latest Middle East entanglement. Senator Charles Schumer spoke earlier today at the Albany-Rensselear Rail station.

"I think the Syrian situation is a very difficult situation for the president," Schumer said. "Here's the reason: everyone says, 'Let’s arm the rebels,' and that's a good idea in the abstract.  The trouble is there are good rebels and bad rebels, if you will.  The bad rebels like al-Nusra are very close to al-Qaida; we don't want to give them weapons which might be used against our troops.  So that's the difficulty here and I would proceed with caution."