Sen. Martinez Says Latino Vote, Evolving GOP Message Crucial for November Win

Albany, NY – Florida Senator and former Chairman of the GOP Mel Martinez says John McCain must capture the Latino vote to win in November. Martinez also said that McCain represents the future of the Republican Party and the evolving message of the party.

"The Hispanic vote in our country is spread out over some very key parts of the country," Martinez said.

"Doing well [with Latinos] is really important as part of the formula for victory," he added.

The Republican Party must promote an evolving message and platform to deal with changing issues, Martinez said.

"Unfortunately, as a result of being in power, we have changed in a couple of fundamental ways that has really been damaging to our party," Martinez said.

"I still believe that our party has a fundamental message that connects with American people. it is one of smaller government, one of lower taxes, one of individual responsibility and opportunity," he said.

"We have to also blend in a message there that shows concerns for those that are left behind in society, and also concern for the environment," Martinez added.

John McCain is the best candidate for the party, Martinez said.

"[McCain] represents the future of our party," he said.