Senator Seeks Federal Investigation Into Local Gas Prices

Jul 5, 2012

Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders says there’s something wrong at the gas pumps in Vermont’s most populated area of the state. He wants the federal government to investigate why people in the Burlington area are paying much more for gas than other areas of the state.

On Monday, it cost about 3.70 a gallon for gas in Burlington. Yet 35 miles south, in Middlebury, you could fill up at 3.35 a gallon. Senator Sanders has written to the Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission asking for an  investigation into the high gas prices in Chittenden County and the  discrepancy in regional prices.

Vermont Petroleum Association Spokesman Joe Choquette says there’s probably a minimum of ten gas distributors in the Burlington market.

Choquette says while Senator Sanders is echoing the frustration of northwestern Vermont residents, there are at least two physical reasons for the price discrepancy.

Senator Sanders says the reasons he’s hearing for the price differentials don’t make sense.

Senator Sanders has spoken with the chairman of the FTC and plans to speak with the Attorney General to expedite an investigation.