Sequester Continues... How Long?

Jun 9, 2013

Credit WAMC

Sequestration cuts continue taking their toll - U.S. Representative Paul Tonko says Congress is ready to bargain.

Sequester cuts are affecting everything from "Meals on Wheels" programs to cancer clinics being forced to turn Medicare patients away due to the high cost of chemotherapy.

Is sequestration any closer to resolution?

Democratic Congressman Paul Tonko : "We have written countless times now to the leadership in the House of Representatives, asking the Speaker to name conferees. If the conferees are named, we can come to the table. But to avoid naming those conferees, the threat of sequestration will continue."

According to Washington-based Federal News Radio, Coast Guard officials fear that 38 metric tons of cocaine could be imported into the United States if they lose physical and human resources to severe budget cuts.