Sequester rankles NY Dems, GOP Congressman responds

Mar 7, 2013

Republican Congressman Chris Gibson
Credit ..:: WAMC Photo by Dave Lucas ::..

New York Democrats are calling on their Republican colleagues in Congress to work with the president to find a solution to the budget cuts that took effect last Friday.

Capital District-area Congressman Paul Tonko  was joined by Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner, the state party co-chair, on a conference call today to discuss the effects of sequestration.  Mayor Miner says that the sequester is hitting Syracuse hard.  Tonko labeled sequestration as "mindless.” He says he been against the process from the beginning.

Mayor Miner and Congressman Tonko are calling on Congressional Republicans, like Chris Gibson of the neighboring 19th district, to end the political brinksmanship and work with President Obama and Democrats on a balanced approach to America's debt and deficit and put the interests of the economy and middle class families ahead of tax breaks for the rich.  Congressman Gibson  accused Tonko of "electioneering" - Gibson stressed "the election is over," and he says it's time to work on solutions that grow the economy and restore a balanced budget over time.