The Shape of Things by Neil LaBute at The Albany Civic Theater

Nov 9, 2012

The cast of The Shape of Things at Albany Civic Theater. Tom Templeton, Laura Murphy, Ian LaChance, and Rhiannon Antico.
Credit Tom Killips

Neil LaBute’s play, The Shape of Things, is a modern retelling of the fall of man.

After a chance meeting in a museum, Evelyn, a sexy, aggressive artist, and Adam, a shy, insecure student, become embroiled in an intense affair. Before long, Adam, under Evelyn's steady influence, goes to unimaginable lengths to improve his appearance and character.  His metamorphosis both impresses and perplexes his friends.

This weekend and next, Albany Civic Theater presents The Shape of Things, directed by Aaron Holbritter and starring Ian LaChance as Adam. They join us for this interview.