Shumlin Calls for Tuition Breaks, More Math

Jan 10, 2013

Governor Peter Shumlin
Credit Community College of Vermont

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin was sworn in to his second term Thursday, and devoted his inaugural address almost entirely to education

Governor Peter Shumlin is calling for tuition breaks for in-state students at the University of Vermont and other state colleges, as well as stronger high school math requirements.
The Governor says the state needs to do a better job preparing people for the growing number of technical jobs in Vermont's economy.

The Democratic governor says only 47 percent of Vermont high schools require students to take algebra to graduate, and that only 31 percent require geometry. He wants to require that all students take algebra in ninth grade and geometry in 10th grade.

Shumlin also is calling for $17 million in new spending to strengthen early childhood education, and for schools to develop personal learning plans to follow students through high school.

Audio is courtesy of Vermont Public Radio’s live stream from the Vermont Statehouse.

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