Siena Poll: NY Consumer Sentiment Slips

Sep 4, 2013

Examine the poll (PDF format)

A new survey of consumer sentiment in New York may not bode well for the economy. Capital Region Bureau Chief Dave Lucas spoke with Siena College Research institute founder Doug Lonnstrom, who says consumer sentiment has fallen to a 20-month low...  The survey shows New York's overall Index of Consumer Sentiment 8 point 8 points BELOW the national index, which stands at 82-point-one... buying plans are down for motor vehicles, consumer electronics, furniture, homes and home improvements. The numbers caughtg Lonnstrom off-guard.

The Siena poll was conducted in August by random phone calls to 556 New York State residents over the age of 18. It has a plus or minus 4-point-2 point margin of error. We've linked to it at wamc-dot-org.