Siena President Leaving For Franciscan Post

Jun 5, 2014

The President of Siena College is stepping down.

Father Kevin Mullen, who has led the school since 2007, leaves August 4th to lead Holy Name Province. The New York City based organization represents the largest Franciscan community in the United States.

WAMC's Alan Chartock with Father Kevin Mullen.
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Mullen told a local media outlet Thursday that being a Franciscan is his primary concern in life - once in the city he'll be the order's public face with U.S. bishops, promoting Franciscan values and work. Mullen emerged as a candidate after a straw ballot was held in March.

Mullen, a 1975 Siena grad and the school's 10th president, will be a given a seat on the college's board of trustees.

Fellow-Franciscan Siena trustee F. Edward Coughlin will serve as Siena's interim president.