Sign of Spring: Work Begins on NY Bridges

Apr 5, 2013


As the weather warms up, construction crews are ramping up to tackle maintenance, renovation and rebuilding projects involving many of New York's highway bridges.

The Patroon Island Bridge in Albany is being prepped for a 145-million dollar renovation. The project appears on a list of 32 road and bridge initiatives released Tuesday by Governor Andrew Cuomo's office.

Decks will also be replaced on the Congress Street Bridge in Troy, the Western Gateway Bridge in Rotterdam and the Thaddeus Kosciuszko Bridge, also known as the I-87 twin bridges.

A 100-million project will enhance the Newburgh-Beacon bridge.

All the drilling, cutting, cement-pouring and pile-driving is watched carefully by eco-groups like Scenic Hudson, Clearwater and Riverkeeper...  Hudson River Program Director and attorney for Ossining-based Riverkeeper Phillip Musegaas says the groups act as a "counterbalance" as they represent "the river environment."

New York DOT officials say they’ll be sharing the most current information, traffic updates and construction pictures via Facebook and Twitter. You can search the social networks by entering the name of the bridge or bridges that most affect you.