Skoufis Opposes United Water’s Proposed Rate Hike

Jul 16, 2013

Credit Images Money/Flickr

ALBANY – State Assemblyman James Skoufis (D-Woodbury) Monday urged the state Public Service Commission to reject a requested rate increase by United Water, the company that provides water to Rockland County.

In a letter to Acting PSC Secretary Jeffrey Cohen, Skoufis said the company is in violation of a water-sharing agreement with New Jersey.

“North Jersey, Bergen County, gets millions of additional gallons in excess of the water sharing agreement,” Skoufis said.  “That is water that is supposed to be for Rockland County that is being shipped over to New Jersey. My constituents should not be paying for that; no residents of Rockland County should be paying for that.”

The assemblyman also said his constituents in Stony Point should not have to pay for the supposed customer growth of United Water since there has been little to no growth in population in that town.