"Slow Fat Triathlete" Roundtable 7/13/06

Albany, NY – Jayne Williams is the author of Slow Fat Triathlete. After earning a degree in Russian literature at Harvard and organizing white-water rafting expeditions in Siberia, she launched her dream of becoming a triathlete at the age of 35, weighing over 260 pounds. Her book encourages anyone who thinks they are too out of shape or undisciplined to become an athlete to get off the couch and give it a try.

Nadya Lawson is co-president of Holding Our Own: A Fund for Women and also sits on the board of the Women's Building in Albany, which Holding Our Own currently operates.

Mary Jane Zanelli is a Program Associate for the Women's Building and Holding Our Own. She is a certified Social Studies teacher, a self proclaimed "Breathless Mermaid" and slow fat triathlete.