Soares Wins Albany District Attorney Primary

Sep 14, 2012

The primary showdown for Albany County District Attorney went to incumbent DA David Soares. 

Thursday’s primary voting marked the conclusion of a bitter campaign for the Democratic nomination for Albany County District Attorney. 

The battle raged on in mainstream media and thru blogs and social networks, where there was intense debate and quite a bit of old-fashioned mudlslinging.

"With respect to others that decided to engage in that practice well look at the results today," said Soares, "the first question I was asked in 2004 when I announced my candidacy was, there's never been an African American who was elected county-wide and my first reponse was that the people of Albany County don't think that way and they don't believe in those things and I was proven right then. I said all along that the people of Albany County are worthy of an intelligent debate on the issues involving public safety. Those should be the only issues involved in a campaign but I don't control the messaging from the opposition. The opposition to take the attacks that they took and I think the results here reflect that."

Unofficial Albany County Board of Elections numbers at Midnight showed Soares beating challenger Attorney Lee Kindlon 57 to 40 per cent, which indicates Soares' will likely coast to a third four-year term in November.