Some Neighbors of New Vermont Wind Project Lament Noise

Nov 7, 2012

Thirty-three northern Vermont residents who live near a newly constructed wind-power project on Lowell Mountain have complained to the state about what they're calling "horrendous noise."

Barbara Stone, who lives about 2½ miles from the project, says the spinning turbine blades create a noise that sounds like a jet engine.

Don Nelson of Lowell says he and his wife, Shirley, could have gotten 100 signatures on the letter to the Public Service Department. He says it sounds like "a big jet engine landing at an airport."

Green Mountain Power spokeswoman Dorothy Schnure tells the Burlington Free Press the utility received one complaint related to the weekend noise.

She says 15 of the 21 turbines are generating electricity.

Schnure says the utility wants to know about noise complaints.

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