Southern Tier, Hudson Valley, NYC protests planned push for taxing rich

Nov 30, 2012

Protests are planned for New York City, the Southern Tier and the Hudson Valley to push New York's congressional delegation to support higher federal taxes for the wealthy. WAMC's Dave Lucas reports.

Occupy protestors in Albany, 2011
Credit ..:: WAMC Photo by Dave Lucas ::..

The mix of community activists, student groups and unions plan Saturday events.

They include a "people's yacht trip" on the Staten Island Ferry, the sale of toy luxury cars at a farmers' markets in Kingston, speeches by people who say they're millionaires willing to pay higher taxes in Corning, and a teach-in at a Binghamton book store. A banner is scheduled to be draped over Interstate 84 in Beacon calling for middle class tax relief and ending tax breaks for the wealthy.

Several senior Republican congressmen are breaking ranks with others who've pledged to oppose tax increases.

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