Special Election Ends Short Senate Career Of "Mo" Cowan

Jun 27, 2013

Massachusetts Senator-elect Ed Markey is expected to be sworn in after the Senate returns from its July 4th recess.  

Senator William "Mo" Cowan ( D-MA)
Credit Mass.Governor's Office

When Ed Markey becomes the new junior Senator from Massachusetts it will end the brief Senate career of  William ‘Mo’ Cowan.   Cowan was appointed interim Senator by Governor Deval Patrick on January 30th to succeed John Kerry  until the special election.  Cowan delivered his farewell address on the Senate floor Wednesday, thanking the people of Massachusetts, his staff, Senate employees and his family.  Cowan leaves with a positive outlook

Cowan, as the first Senator from Massachusetts to serve on the Agriculture Committee since the late 1800s got to work closely on crafting the Farm Bill. Cowan plans to return to private law practice.