For Spitzer, A Scramble To Get On Ballot In NYC

Jul 11, 2013

Eliot Spitzer's 11th-hour comeback campaign to become New York City comptroller isn't just a race to the finish. It's a sprint to the start.

After plunging into the race Monday, the ex-governor has only until midnight to collect 3,750 valid signatures to get on the Democratic primary ballot. Experts say it's a formidable, but doable, task given the narrow time frame.

A Spitzer spokeswoman said Wednesday the campaign is "diligently gathering signatures." She wouldn't comment further.

The signers need to be registered Democrats who live in the city and haven't signed another comptroller hopeful's petition.

Campaigns generally gather two to three times as many signatures as needed, in case some are challenged. Some candidates submit many extras to show strength.

Spitzer rival Scott Stringer's campaign says it's collected 100,000-plus signatures.

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