Springfield Housing Authority Expands Child Literacy Program To Third Location

Aug 10, 2017

An apartment at the Springfield Housing Authority's Duggan Park Apartments has been converted to the resource center for the Talk,Read,Succeed! program.
Credit WAMC

     A children’s literacy initiative in the second-largest public housing authority in Massachusetts has been expanded.

    The Talk, Read, Succeed program, which began seven years ago, connects families in Springfield Housing Authority apartments with the neighborhood elementary schools their children attend. 

    Housing Authority Executive Director William Abrashkin describes the program as a prep school for low-income children.

    "To start with the kids from birth and make sure that they get all the advantages that children in more affluent families get as they are coming up," said Abrashkin.

   The Duggan Park Apartments, which is home to 450 children, is the third location added to the program.

   One of the apartments in the complex has been converted into a resource center with space for personal computers and books.