State Senate Candidate Questions Opponent's Residency

Apr 23, 2014

A Democratic candidate for State Senate in western Massachusetts is challenging the residency of an opponent.

Credit Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

   Tim Allen is filing an objection with state election officials claiming fellow Democrat Eric Lesser has not lived in Massachusetts long enough to be eligible to run for the State Senate.

      "To me it is not a technicality. If you apply for a job, or run for office you should meet the requirements that are clearly laid out," said  Allen.

      The state constitution requires senate candidates to reside in the state for five consecutive years prior to the election

   Lesser, who was an official in the Obama White House until 2011, insists he’s not concerned.

     "I think we can all see through this. The motivation is to try to maker lawyers decide this election,not voters," said Lesser.

     The state ballot law commission will hold a hearing in June.  There are five announced Democratic candidates and two Republicans for the open seat in the First Hampden and Hampshire District.