STEM Leaders Meeting In Mt. Kisco

Aug 21, 2012

This week, many of the nation's leaders in STEM education are heading for Mt. Kisco-based company "It’s About Time"... Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Dave Lucas reports

The greatest minds in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education are set to converge on Mt. Kisco as It’s About Time honors Dr. Gerhard Salinger of the National Science Foundation. The US Department of Commerce predicts careers in STEM fields will experience a 17% growth by 2018—nearly double that of other career choices.  IAT Co-president Tom Laster says the pioneering educational publisher and consulting firm specializes in creating research-based STEM curriculum solutions for middle and high school.

With funding from the NSF, IAT’s solutions have empowered thousands of teachers and more than 6 million students.  IAT Co-Founder and President Laurie Kreindler says an estimated 14,000 teachers and 1.4 million students will be using IAT curricula this year.

Some of the larger districts nationwide that have implemented the IAT curricula include public school systems in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City.

Thursday evening Dr. Gerhard Salinger will receive the first “Kreindler/Rowe Impact on Education Award.” Since joining NSF in 1989, Dr. Salinger has been instrumental in helping to develop nationally disseminated research-based STEM instructional materials that have impacted millions of students across the country.

Dr. Salinger is to be presented with the award at the grand opening of the new IAT headquarters in Mt. Kisco August 23rd at 5PM.  During the event, IAT will also be hosting a hands-on science fair in its new facility where 14 of its major NSF-funded middle- and high-school STEM curricula will be on display.