Storm whips into Northeast bringing snow, rain

Dec 27, 2012

More than a foot of snow has been dumped across parts of upstate New York as much of the region deals with its first major storm of the season. The National Weather Service says snowfall range from 11 inches at Ogdensburg on the Canadian border in northern New York to 15 inches in Wales, outside Buffalo. More from WAMC’s Dave Lucas

While there many cancellations and delays, there were fewer fender benders. Authorities say with most schools on winter break there were less people on the roads - those who did make their way out had to deal with snow and ice. Many municipalities are invoking emergency snow regulations.

The storm could become a cash cow for the city of Albany, notorious for unshoveled sidewalks - it is the first big snowfall since new fines weew imposed in 2011 after the Common Council passed legislation increasing the penalty for failing to shovel snow off the sidewalks - it'll cost you $100 for the first offense - $200 and $300 for the second and third violations within a three-month span -- not counting the bill you'll get from the city after they clear the way.

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