Sullivan County Officials Fear Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Wake of Sandy

Nov 1, 2012

Hudson Valley residents left in the dark line up to pick up dry ice. Concerns about misused generators have led to carbon monoxide fears.
Credit Jerry Kleiner

  Sullivan County public safety and fire officials are concerned about the increase in carbon monoxide calls that have come in over the last two days.

County Manager David Fanslau said the public should take measures to ventilate their residences when using a generator, and only to use appliances for their intended purpose. "There have been reports that people may be using generators indoors, or in their basement, or attached garage. Generators need to be used outside, with sufficient distance from the home to permit ventilation of the carbon monoxide that results from operation," he said. "There have also been reports that people may attempt to use propane stoves as a heat source, which may create excessive carbon monoxide in the home."

During the power outage: 1.Turn off major appliances to prevent damage from a possible surge when the power comes back on - keep one light turned on so you know when power returns. 2 Use flashlights for emergency lighting - candles pose the risk of fire. 3. Keep your refidgerator and freezer doors shut to keep food from spoiling. 4. Do not use a charcoal grill indoors and do not use a gas stove for heat - they could give off harmful levels of carbon monoxide. 5 .In cold weather, stay warm by dressing in layers and minimizing time spent outdoors, be aware of cold stress symptoms and seek proper medical attention if symptoms appear, such as hypothermia; remember to provide fresh, cool water for your pets.