Sullivan Lawmakers Weigh County Jail Options

Oct 15, 2013

Tim (Timothy) Pearce/Flickr

MONTICELLO – Sullivan County legislators continue to look at all options pertaining to the need to replace the current dilapidated county jail in Monticello.

One thing is certain – the state says the county must replace the more than 100 year old facility sooner rather than later. Because of the conditions there, the county has spent $300,000 so far this year to board inmates out at other county jails.

With that in mind, Legislator Cora Edwards, chairwoman of the Public Safety and Law Enforcement Committee, said she and her colleagues are weighing all potential options.

“We are looking at different counties and different models and different types of construction and once we get clearer on what model fits best for Sullivan County, then we can actually have a number, but the policy decision on the state level has to be made that they are going to help,” Edwards said.

And by help, the county means with money.

The latest estimate to build a new jail is about $80 million.