Sullivan Seniors To Participate In Lobbying Day

May 14, 2013

Credit Luke McGuff/Flickr

MONTICELLO – The Sullivan County Senior Legislative Action Committee will take a busload of residents to Albany on May 21. That is the day seniors from all over the state will lobby lawmakers for passage of a single payer health insurance bill.

Sullivan Senior Action Chairwoman Priscilla Bassett said government cradle to grave health coverage, especially Medicare for the elderly, would be far better and less expensive than private company insurance, which she said has higher overhead.

“They’ve got to pay their Wall Street investors; they have to pay their CEOs – and everybody knows the kind of salaries that they make – and then they have all of these separate billing processes which really drain the system,” she said.

Bassett said legislation has already been proposed in Albany and it is just a matter of getting enough votes for passage in both houses.