Sullivan Sets Capital Goals for Next Five Years

Sep 24, 2012

A five-year capital plan has been endorsed by the Sullivan County Legislature. The bottom line tops $18 million.

County Manager David Fanslau says there is a no fat in the plan.“Reduced dramatically the amount of capital programs that would be initiated in 2013. We also have reduced the amount of capital programs that would be funded out of the operating budget in 2013 as compared to 2012,” he said.

Fanslau says this does not jeopardize basic services Sullivan County residents depend on.

Not part of the plan is something county officials have not talked about for the past few years: A new county jail.

“The notion that the Sullivan County property taxpayers would be able to afford the debt service on an $80 million jail, with the current economy as a backdrop, is unrealistic and unachievable,” he said.

Fanslau noted there is a surplus of state prison space at present. The county is looking at options, including possible arrangements that might involve space at the Woodbourne Correctional facility or the decommissioned Woodbourne annex.