Supreme Court hears same-sex marriage arguments

Mar 28, 2013

Credit wikipedia commons

WAMC news intern Eric Krupke reports from Washington D.C. on the same-sex marriage debate taking place in the Supreme Court.

Hundreds gathered on the steps of the Supreme Court to show their support for Edie Windsor, the plaintiff in a case challenging the federal government's Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA.

Nine states and the District of Columbia currently recognize same sex marriage, but DOMA prohibits same sex couples in these states from receiving certain benefits federal government grants to opposite sex married couples.

Inside the court, attorneys for each side debated the merits of the law – including whether the court even had the jurisdiction to rule after the Obama administration decided not to defend DOMA in court in 2011.

After two hours of testimony and questioning, the court adjourned at about 12:15 pm. The justices are expected rule on the case in late June.