Susan Arbetter's interview with Julia Whitty 3/22/06

Albany, NY – Last September, long-time science writer Julia Whitty boarded research vessel The Oceanus to report on scientist Ruth Curry's discoveries about the changing chemistry of the ocean.

Whitty has been aboard similar ships for the past 25 years, reporting on the ocean's environmental health. On this expedition, the crew of the Oceanus tested the river-like currents that run underneath the choppy waters of the north Atlantic. Whitty calls this the ocean's "conveyor belt" because it wraps around the entire globe. If the conveyor belt slows down, or warms up, the ocean's ecological web will change, as will earth's weather patterns.

Susan Arbetter spoke with Whitty about the testing scientists were doing in the north Atlantic on the Oceanus.

You can read Julia Whitty's piece on the ocean in this month's issue of Mother Jones. Her forthcoming book is called "There are Many Souls Embodied In Water: Tales from the Coral World."