Top Stories: Cry For Help From Syria; Obama Embraces SuperPAC

Feb 7, 2012

Good morning.

Our early headlines:

-- While Gunfire Echoes Inside Syria, A Cry For Help From A City Under Attack.

-- Gulf Arab Nations Recall Ambassadors From Syria, Expel Syrian Diplomats.

-- As L.A. Probes Sex Abuse Charges, Staff Replaced At Elementary School.

-- Before Dying In Inferno, Little Boys Were Struck.

Other top stories:

-- "Congressional Earmarks Sometimes Used To Fund Projects Near Lawmakers' Properties." (The Washington Post)

-- "Obama Embraces The SuperPAC;" In Reversal, He "Blesses Fundraising For Priorities USA Action." (Politico)

-- Republicans Gather Today In Colorado And Minnesota. But "Why Bother With Caucuses?" (It's All Politics)

-- "Iran's Middle Class On Edge As World Presses In." (The New York Times)

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