Two Congressmen Will Reach Across The Aisle During A Poughkeepsie Event

Jun 16, 2013

Credit DonkeyHotey, flickr

Two New York Congressmen from the Hudson Valley will share breakfast and talk about a number of regional issues Monday morning. The idea is that they’ll do so casting party affiliation aside.

Republican Chris Gibson and Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney will discuss such issues as agriculture, veteran's affairs, storm damage and economic direction in the Hudson Valley as part of “Across the Aisle," hosted by Newburgh based not-for-profit policy and planning organization Pattern for Progress. Talk is expected to focus on common ground and non-partisan politics when it comes to a number of key topics. The moderated forum in Poughkeepsie will be followed by the graduation of the sixth class of Pattern Fellows and the presentation of their research projects. By the way, both Congressmen belong to a group called “No Labels”, working across the aisle to break through the political gridlock in Washington, D.C. Pattern for Progress serves a nine-county region in the Hudson Valley.