Tyner & His (Former) Treasurer [UPDATE]

Jun 25, 2012

19th District Congressional Candidate Joel Tyner's former treasurer has responded to accusations of possible embezzlement and sexual advances... WAMC's Dave Lucas reports.

Misha Fredericks admits she was compelled to resign as Tyner's treasurer because she feared being charged in the event of an audit. She explained she did not embezzle any funds. Fredericks emphasized she has not accused Tyner of any wrongdoing... and describes a semi-nude photo she sent the candidate as "an innocent gesture" -Fredericks has since posted the picture on her facebook page to satisfy public curiosity.


Last week Tyner told WAMC he feared Fredericks might have been trying to entrap him. I asked Fredericks about Tyner's allegations surrounding "sex on the beach" - she explained that's the name of a popular adult beverage.

While Fredericks is well-known and respected for her work with animals in the New Paltz area, Joel Tyner

remains convinced she could be a political pawn. 

Fredericks says she was contacted Friday by the Federal Elections Commission and is complying with the agency's requests. Tyner faces fellow democrat Julian Schreibman in tomorrow's democratic primary... polls are open from Noon to 9pm