UAlbany Students Stranded In Troy

Oct 21, 2013

Homecoming weekend saw hundreds of University at Albany students stranded for a time in Troy. What could have been an explosive situation ended peacefully…

Eleven police departments from across the Capital Region descended on downtown Troy Saturday to handle crowd control after hundreds of UAlbany students were left in the streets when a homecoming event was cancelled.

Troy Police Captain John Cooney told Newschannel 13: “There was a large party planned at the Atrium, which was expected to draw approximately 500 students” …along with another event tied to homecoming at Kokopellis Night Club that was arranged by three fraternities. According to Captain Cooney, 160 people held tickets for the private venue.

UAlbany Spokesman Karl Luntta told WAMC the off-campus events were not sanctioned by the college. The UAlbany students who were bused to the Troy Atrium — only to discover the event that they had paid in advance to attend was cancelled —reportedly made their arrangements through a Facebook page set up by Boss Cross Entertainment, which has been taken down.

With no event to attend, the students headed toward Kokopellis and congregated in the neighborhood. Cooney told WNYT police were aware of both events and, concerned about a potential riot situation, opted not to force the students out.

Other than a few minor fights that broke out in the crowd, there were no major problems, no injuries or property damage reported, and no one arrested. Buses returned to Troy at a pre-arranged time to take the students home. UAlbany's Luntta believes students may be more careful in the future when planning to attend an event.

The Times Union tracked down one of the Atrium show's promoters, who couldn't explain why the event was cancelled and wasn't certain whether any refunds would be issued. At this time, there are no charges pending against the promoters.