UAlbany Students Who Reported Racial Attack Face Assault, False Incident Charges

Feb 25, 2016

Three 20-year-old black female college students who claimed a group of white men and women harassed them with racial slurs aboard a city bus are being charged with assault.

(911 call sound)

University police say two of the women, Asha Burwell and Ariel Agudio, both of Long Island, also face charges of falsely reporting an incident. They and Alexis Briggs of Elmira Heights are to be arraigned in Albany Police Court on Monday.

Investigators say a review of multiple videos of the incident showed no evidence the women were victims of a crime or subjected to racial slurs.

The videos did show the trio assaulted a 19-year-old white woman.

It wasn't immediately known if they each have lawyers to comment.

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