U.S. Senator Brown Releases Tax Returns; Warren’s Returns Expected Later Today

Apr 27, 2012

Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown and likely Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren are releasing several years of tax returns.  WAMC’s Tristan O’Neill reports…

Brown made his federal and state returns for the tax years 2006-2011 available for inspection by reporters on Friday. Warren was expected to release four years of returns later Friday.

In the most recent tax year, Brown and his wife, Gail Huff, reported total income of $510,856 and paid federal taxes of about $125,000 after a refund. They also contributed more than $16,000 to charity.

Democrats attempted to turn the tables on the incumbent, releasing a video Friday that tries to shake Brown's "regular guy" image. Democrats said Brown is a millionaire who owns six homes and stock in banks and oil companies.

Brown's campaign has tried to portray Warren as an out-of-touch liberal elitist. 

Tristan O’Neill, WAMC News.

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