U.S. Senator Schumer Makes Demands Re: Proposed Utility Merger

May 3, 2013

Credit WAMC Photo

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer will be in the Hudson Valley later today to voice what he says are serious concerns with a proposed utility merger, and call for more action.

Schumer says the public needs more answers about the proposed merger of Poughkeepsie-based CH Energy Group with Canadian Energy Company Fortis. The Democrat is calling on the New York State Public Service Commission to again extend the public comment period, which ended Wednesday, another 30 days. Schumer also says no deal should be approved without first holding an evidentiary hearing. Schumer says unless Fortis can address several concerns during an evidentiary hearing, he will oppose the acquisition. CH Energy is the parent of Central Hudson Gas and Electric Corporation, and spokespeople for Central Hudson have defended the merger, saying the local utility company would remain basically the same, but with more resources.