Utility Companies Bracing For Hybrid Storm

Oct 26, 2012

Credit NOAA

The region's major utilities are bracing for a possible brush with Hurricane Sandy. 

National Grid, Central Hudson, Orange and Rockland, Consolidated Edison and other power companies spanning the Hudson Valley are preparing for a risk of severe weather on Monday and Tuesday.

They are advising customers to monitor weather forecasts - have a telephone that does not require an electric outlet to operate; Charge mobile phones, and have a battery-powered flashlight radio, ideally a crank-radio that can also charge a cell phone handy to keep informed. Stay away from any lines that fall.

Most of the utilities will post power outage maps on their websites. National Grid sends text messages out to customers during major storms.

Forecasters say there's a 90 percent chance that the East will get high winds, heavy rain, flooding and maybe snow starting Sunday.  While it's too early for precise forecasts, New York City and New Jersey could get the worst of it.  Consolidated Edison has a webpage for Westchester County customers.

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