Vermont City Researching Placing Surveillance Cameras in Private Neighborhoods

Feb 14, 2013

Credit Hustvedt/Wikimedia Commons

Rutland, Vermont’s city council has asked a city committee to study the idea of placing security cameras in private neighborhoods.

Rutland landlord Cam Johnston asked  the Board of Aldermen to consider putting up surveillance cameras after one of his properties was the site of a home invasion. Alderman Christopher Robinson is not thrilled with the idea, but moved that the Public Safety Committee research the matter.

Alderman Robinson wants specific information from the committee.

Rutland Police Chief James Baker believes any decision to place surveillance cameras in residential areas must be made by the community.

ACLU of Vermont Executive Director Alan Gilbert says the city must know the purpose and what will be achieved with a surveillance system.  

There is no proposal nor timeline for future discussion yet.

Rutland’s police chief notes that the burglary rate in the city has decreased over the past year but there are increased crimes driven by substance abuse issues.