Vermont Governor Outlines Budget Proposal

Jan 24, 2013

Governor Peter Shumlin
Credit Vermont Governor's Office

One week later than originally planned, Vermont’s Governor outlined the state’s 2014 spending plan Thursday in his annual budget address

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin focused his fiscal plan on five areas that he said need bold transformation and targeted  investment.

Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility Executive Director Andrea Cohen was in the Statehouse for the budget address.

How the administration will pay for the state’s planned single payer system was a highly anticipated topic.
The Governor noted that a plan was being released describing the costs of universal health care  and he also said he plans to allocate money to buy-back premium increases in a federal health care exchange.

Vermonters for Health Care Freedom Executive Director Jeffrey Wennberg found only a short amount of time was spent on health care funding issues.

Vermont Campaign for Health Care Security Executive Director Peter Sterling applauds the governor for making an effort to reduce large out of pocket and premium costs in the federally mandated health care exchange.

Governor Shumlin is proposing an initiative to get more low income Vermonters jobs by paying for child care with the earned income tax credit. Vermont Low Income Advocacy Council Legislative Liaison Karen Lafayette.

Audio from the Governor’s budget address is courtesy of the Vermont Legislature’s live web-stream from Vermont Public Radio.