Vermont Group to Seek Ideas to Encourage Women

Apr 30, 2013

Girl Scouts compete in challenge intended to introduce students to real world science, technology, engineering and math applications.
Credit U.S. Navy/Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

More than two dozen Vermonters are going to be working together over the next six months to look for ways to help young women and girls in the state overcome obstacles to success.

Some of the obstacles include girls not considering some professions or courses of study that have been traditionally undertaken by women, such as science or certain trades.

The formal creation of the group followed the Tuesday release of a report about those obstacles that was prepared after interviewing more than 210 young women and girls from across Vermont. Other conclusions of the report include few role models for girls in their different career choices.

The group hopes to release its final report in December, in time for the 2014 session of the Vermont Legislature.

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