Vermont Gun Importer Lays Off 41, Blames Rules

Jun 6, 2014

Infantryman in 1942 with M1 Garand rifle
Credit U.S. Library of Congress/Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

A Vermont gun importer is blaming the White House for the layoff of 41 workers.

Century International Arms, of Fairfax, says the White House blocked its permits for a deal to re-import a number of historic American-made firearms from South Korea.

While the White House isn't responding to claims that the Obama administration blocked a permit allowing the company to re-import vintage World War II-era M1 rifles, last summer it issued a release saying it was blocking the re-importation of surplus military weapons as a way to reduce gun violence.

Century Arms said Thursday it had been planning on importing a large number of vintage WWII-era, M1 Garand rifles from South Korea and it had all the proper permits to do so until the White House intervened and blocked the deal.

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