Vermont Lawmakers Work Towards Adjournment

May 7, 2013

Vermont Statehouse
Credit WAMC/Pat Bradley

Vermont lawmakers have a heavy agenda this week as they work to end the session by Saturday.

Gaveling into session in early January, Vermont’s citizen, part-time legislature targets adjournment by early May.  Democratic Speaker of the House Shap Smith wants business concluded by Saturday. But there are a number of bills yet to consider, and because this is the first half of the biennium, some may carry over to next January.
Middlebury College Professor Emeritus of Political Science Eric Davis notes that there are must-pass bills that have to be dealt with before adjournment.

Vermont Digger is an online independent, investigative newspaper. Political columnist Jon Margolis.

It’s the non-money bills that legislators are struggling to complete.   While they have approved a hike in cigarette taxes, pot decriminalization, and unionization for homecare workers, there are deadlocks.  VT Digger’s  Jon Margolis expects several  bills will be carried over to the next half of the biennium.

The Ethan Allen Institute is a conservative-leaning think tank in Vermont.  President Rob Roper expects the budget and money bills to pass very close to the targeted deadline.

Roper is critical of many of the items that have already passed.

Lawmakers were in Montpelier for a rare Monday session as they work overtime to finish their slate by this weekend.