Vermont Long Term Irene Relief Fund Targets 10-Million Dollar Goal

Nov 28, 2012

The Vermont Long Term Disaster Relief Fund helps Vermonters who are still recovering from flooding caused by Tropical Storm Irene. Monday night officials and volunteers met to raise awareness that, a year after the storm, needs still exist and fundraising for the program continues.

The Long Term Disaster Relief Fund has raised $6.6 million so far. It fills gaps after victims of Tropical Storm Irene have exhausted private insurance or government disaster assistance programs. Fund Chair David Coates says the monies have been crucial in giving Vermonters a new normal life.

The Vermont Community Foundation had set up five different recovery funds in the immediate aftermath of Irene.  They now recommend that all donations go to the Long-Term Relief Fund. Philanthropic Advisor Christopher Kaufman Ilstrup says their programs were instrumental in helping with short and medium term needs.

The Community Foundation’s Farm Disaster Relief Fund Program and Grants Manager Ryan Torres says may people hoped recovery would be quick, but long term relief will be necessary.
The Vermont Long Term Disaster Relief Fund is financed solely by private donations. As of November 16, the fund had provided $2.4 million in assistance to 223 cases.

Tropical Storm Irene
Credit Courtesy NOAA