Vermont Moving Towards New Maple Labeling System

Feb 19, 2013

Credit WAMC

Vermont  lawmakers are considering dropping the state's traditional maple syrup-labeling system in favor of an international one.

The Vermont Senate has passed and sent to the House a resolution that supports the Agency of Agriculture’s proposal to adopt an administrative rule to implement international maple grading standards. Vermont Maple Sugarmakers’ Board Chair Jacques Couture explains that the international grading system is brand new.

Green’s SugarHouse in Poultney produces about 24-hundred gallons of maple syrup  in a good year.  Co-owner Pam Green is enthusiastic about the labeling changes.

The changes will protect the unique Vermont brand and will help open up new markets according to  Vermont Agency of Agriculture Chief of Consumer Protection and state maple specialist Henry Marckres. 

The Vermont Sugarmakers’ Association hopes the new labeling system can be phased in by the 2014 sugaring season.