Vermont to Offer Spring Hunting Season for Snow Geese

Jan 31, 2013

Snow Geese
Credit Manjith Kainickara/Wikimedia

The Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife says there will be a special snow geese hunting season this spring.

Vermont officials say the state's season is being adopted at the recommendation of federal and state wildlife scientists in response to concerns about a growing number of snow geese across North America.

Eight states in the Atlantic flyway, from North Carolina to Vermont, are planning to hold spring snow goose seasons, known formally as a "conservation order."

The state says the populations of snow geese and similar species have grown to record levels over the past three decades.

The U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service says the overabundance of certain species of geese, which nest in far northern regions of North America, is harming their fragile arctic breeding habitat.

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