Vermont Senate Supports Board: No Pets in Hair Salons

Apr 30, 2013

Vermont Statehouse
Credit WAMC/Pat Bradley

The Vermont Senate is supporting a state board's ruling that pets don't belong in barber shops and beauty parlors.

In a 14-13 vote, the Senate on Tuesday defeated an amendment by Democratic Senator Richard Sears that would have allowed animals in hair-cutting establishments.

Sears says he pushed for the measure after a state inspector cited Bennington-area businesses for allowing pets on the premises. The board found pets on the premises could be unsanitary, or possibly bite someone. Sears says the risks are low.

The measure failed after Senator Anthony Pollina of Washington County argued that regulatory boards should be allowed to make such decisions without interference by lawmakers.

An exception is made for service animals like seeing-eye dogs, which are allowed in commercial establishments under the Americans With Disabilities Act.

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