Vermont Takes 2nd Look At Aid-In-Dying Law

Jan 27, 2015

Vermont Statehouse
Credit WAMC/Pat Bradley

The first legislature in the country to pass an aid-in-dying law may revisit the issue, as a key backer says changes to take effect in mid-2016 would remove too many patient protections.

A Vermont law passed in 2013 largely copied a model passed by referendum in Oregon in the 1990s .  On July 1, 2106 many of the patient protections in Vermont’s  right-to-die law disappear.

That change was part of a compromise the Vermont Senate reached to round up votes from members who favored less government intervention in end-of-life decisions.

Senator Claire Ayer — the lead backer of the original, Oregon-style law — says she'll be pushing legislation this year to stop the changes scheduled for 2016 from taking place.

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