Vermont's Welch, Sorrell, Testify About Elder Fraud

May 19, 2013

Credit Don Hankins/Flickr

Vermont Representative Peter Welch and Attorney General William Sorrell are warning about scams to defraud the elderly.

They testified Thursday before a House subcommittee in Washington. The hearing was convened to review the federal government's efforts to detect financial scams perpetrated on seniors and how to assess the effectiveness of those measures.

Sorrell pointed out two reports received by his office. One was about an 83-year-old man who lost $8,000 to an investment scam. The other involved a 79-year-old woman who lost $29,000 in wire transfers to a "romance scammer" in Ghana.

Sorrell told lawmakers his office continues its work to find effective solutions the problems, along with the AARP, the banking community, law enforcement, and a state group on protecting older consumers.

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