Veterans in Plattsburgh Gather to Remember Service

Nov 11, 2013

Veterans' memorial Plattsburgh
Credit WAMC/Pat Bradley

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month many communities stopped to recognize veterans’ service to their country. One of the remembrances in Plattsburgh was held at the former Air Force base.

At the Plattsburgh Barracks Veterans Park on the oval at  the former Plattsburgh Air Force base, Veterans Service Agency Director Steve Bowman reminded those gathered that it is a day to honor those who have spent most of their lives serving the nation.  "Not only in uniformed service, but after service, many of the veterans are still doing things for community. Especially our World War II veterans, because when they came home from their service, they helped build this nation."

At the ceremony World War 2 Army veteran Joseph Burnell, was awarded medals that he had never received.